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Most of the stuff contained within was written by yours truly, Chris Ware. I am accepting submissions from anyone and everyone. I hope to turn this zine into a forum for others, as well as myself, to share ideas and thoughts about hardcore/emo, politics, social problems, and the world in general. An exchange of ideas is the start to change and revolution. This can only happen if we interact with one another and not keep our feelings and ideas inside but instead open up and share with the world. I do care and I do want to hear what you say. If you do not speak up or act out, your ideas are worthless. So share, be heard and maybe make a difference in someone's life. You never know till you try.

I will also be accepting original works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Basically anything goes as long as it is appropriate. Absolutely no racist, homophobic, or sexist material will be printed online or in the print version. These ideas hold us back. We want to move forward beyond the societal norms that have been forced upon us.

Anyone who wishes to contribute please contact me at the address to the bottom left. I always answer e-mail within a day or if you have AOL instant messenger look for sighnusrva. All contact and ideas will be appreciated. Please read the info section for contact info etc....

Communication is the key!