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The Revolutionary Idea of Staying Normal

By Jason Winzenberg

I don't really consider myself a hardcore kid anymore. A few years back I probably would of, I was going to shows. I was straight-edge and I was even vegetarian. But those days are behind me now. I've made my choices in my life and I don't know what the future may hold for me. But still I put myself still with in the "scene". I still do my zine Hell Yes I Cheated (plug, plug, plug), I still listen to "hardcore" bands and buy stuff from "hardcore" labels. I still write to kids, and I still think about the world around me in a way that was influenced by various records and fanzines. I cannot be a hardcore kid anymore. I have to worry about more things than how I live my life and how it affects the world around me. I have to worry about car payments, insurance, rent. I work at a job forty hours a week where I have all the medical benefits and a 41k plan. I didn't take this job because I think it may help the world someway. I work at Jostens Inc. A job where I correct kids order forms for rings, announcements, and cap and gowns. We are selling these kids' memories for a price. Do I care? No this job pays the bills.

I also have a girlfriend that wants to start a family in the near future with me. We look at houses that someday we would like to live in. We thought up names for our children and who we would have in our wedding. None of this sounds like the hardcore life now does it?

I've lived my hardcore life...I guess I'm sowed my wild oats. Now it's time to move on and grow up. Sure I'll do my zine until I get sick of it. Sure I'll still buy hardcore band and write to hardcore kids as long as the mood hits me. But just to indulge myself into the scene and go to shows and what have you I really cannot do it anymore. I really cannot. I guess I'll just remember the past, the friends I had and all the good and not so good times and chalk it all up experiences and memories. Hardcore will always be a youth movement, done and for by the kids. I just wish I could stay a little longer. So here I am. This is it and it's on its last leg.

I really wish I didn't have to go. But don't worry I'm still here for a little while longer.

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