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all the things you said felt good

at the time but will they again?

what happened to us

it was so perfect for a while there.

you made me feel like no one had ever

made me feel.

it was beautiful, but now itís gone.

i think we were caught up in the feeling

because reality is so hard to face.

but now we have to face it.

so do we pretend like nothing happened

and just go on?

thatís the easy way out.

how easily can you forget

the stars and key west?

iím not sure if i will ever forget.

but i will go on, although it sucks

we never really had anything anyways

did we?

not to you, apparently.

i will go on, and have a better life

than you wouldíve given me.

you are nothing and you always will be.

a nothing with beautiful words

and angel wings.


i miss you

there are days that you

are all i can think about

it was three years ago, canít i

get over it?

you were (are) so special to me

and thatís not something i can forget

so easily.

i was a bad friend. i needed too much.

you gave all you could. i know this.

does that mean it has to be over forever?

i saw you the other day, your smile

was the same, except wiser.

we looked at pictures, you are so

beautiful but i could not speak

i was overwhelmed by

how much of your life iíve missed out on.

can i ever get that back?

please forgive me. i love(d) you.

and i miss you.

All poems by rebecca merchant