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(This interview was conducted 11/22/98 at Sprockets in Roswell, GA. It was my first interview and it's reflected. But it's still entertaining.)



Jason Robert McNew- bass.

Matthew Paul Palmerlee - drums

Brian Joseph Kindamo- vocals, guitar

Christopher Patrick Delaney- guitar, vocals

HB: how long have you guys been together?

Chris: alright but this is all strictly off the record.

Matt: over a year

Chris: a year and a half now

HB: and you’ve already done a tour. I remember seeing you had shows up north. How far up north did you get?

Brian: Philly was the furthest north but we drove to Boston.

Chris: To hang out with friends

Brian: Then we went westward. Where’s the furthest west we went?

Chris: Chicago which was most north too because we went to Michigan

Brian: but we didn’t get to play

Chris: too much Mexican food

Brian: we were in the twilight zone at that point anyway

Chris: we went through like a hundred millionth street to 31 street all ghetto streets

Jason: we saw real hookers with their pimps

Chris: and we saw people doing something in a car

Brian: so we pulled up right behind them

Chris: I had the headlights all on their rear view mirror

Brian: anyway

HB: So how’d it go?

Brian: It went well. We were gone for a whole month and played 11 dates so that was the only bad part.

Chris: yeah everything except for Matt’s colon blow

Brian: yeah he got sick so we had to come home early

Jason: the band we toured with though

Brian: was fuckin awesome

Unison: Mock Orange

Chris: surplus of cool

HB: don’t you have some dates with them soon?

Brian: yeah we’re trying to get a show somewhere around here on Jan 6th.

HB: where are they from?

Chris: Evansville, IN

HB: how’d you hook up with them?

Brian: We’re friends with the guys in Whippersnapper who are on Lobster records and they told us here you’d probably like this shit a lot and gave us the CD and it blew us away so Matt e-mailed them and said hey we want to go on tour blablabla here’s when we’re leaving and they said alright.

Jason: they actually joined us for half the tour, the first half we were doing it alone, and I mean it wasn’t the best a tour could’ve been but it was pretty good for our first one

Brian: for going out and not knowing what the fuck you’re doing

HB: that’s awesome

Chris: much thanks to everyone who gave us a place to stay, something to eat, and lots of rum

Jason: we made a lot of friends

HB: I’ve seen that you guys are on the Nothing Left #8 comp. How’d you pull that off since they’re some pretty well known bands on there?

Chris: about $150 and some quickness

Brian: we kinda know the guy from old bands and on-line

Matt: he e-mailed us with the info and we did it

HB: what other bands have you been in?

Brian: Matt, Jason, and I were in 47 Ronin

Matt: 2 shows in Atlanta and total probably 5

(A discussion trying to remember a bunch of old bands and where they played ensues)

Brian: I don’t know its weird we’ve all been in bands together but we’ve never been in bands all together. Like its always been 3 of us, 2, or 1 of us

Matt: yeah I was in a band by myself

HB: How did you guys get hooked up with Hot Water Music? Since you play with them whenever they’re fairly close by.

Brian: I ended up meeting Chuck a long time ago in Gainesville when I lived there. And I was going to sing for them but they ended up getting Chris Wollard. Good job guys, good choice. But we stayed friends ever since

Chris: "fttturpppp" (on the record)

HB: So when is the 7" coming out now?

Matt: oh god! $50 is all we need. So buy more stuff. Buy the stuff you already own.

Chris: If I could bust out all my teeth and the tooth fairy was very generous we might be able to pull it off some time soon

Jason: basically we just need to save money

Brian: we’re really bad about money and none of us really have money for rent and other necessities

Chris: since we just came back from tour we need to catch up on that month we kinda missed

HB: How did you do that, just work your asses off and then go out?

Chris: no not really, I got an insurance claim on my car and was able to pay everything off and leave with like $40

Brian: I left with zero

HB: so how’d you pull that off?

Chris: right

Matt: our parents sent money

Brian: thanks mom thanks dad

Jason: from the shows we usually made enough to pay for gas and get something to eat

Brian: I’m all about the slurpies, but we helped each other out when someone came into money

Chris: Jason doesn’t have any toes because I was hungry (conversation about eating Jason’s toes ensues)

Brian: they almost got into a fight in Gainesville

Jason: it would have been a pulverization

Chris: he is the master of the DDT

Jason: I’m part ninja

Brian: Matt and I somehow kept our noses out of it and went to sleep and everything worked out the next day

HB: so how did you find being in a van with each other for a month? Were there many fights?

Chris: no that was the only one really, I mean there was name calling and stuff but 5 minutes later we’d all be laughing about a fart or something stupid together

Brian: that was definitely the worst, but the whole time was awesome

Chris: Boston ripped

Brian: it’d be nice to actually play there one day

HB: so when do you plan on going out again?

Matt: one day

Brian: we’re going out in Jan with Mock Orange for like a week

Matt: and doing a split with them

Brian: we’re pretty hard up on everything right now, we need to write new songs, and stop playing all the same songs, but we never practice and we play tons of shows

Chris: we practice but its not enough time to get anything done, the one’s we know go alright but the others…

Jason: we have 2 songs now but you know how they’re just not quite ready

HB: I know 2 of you live in Athens, 1 in Atlanta, and 1 in Peachtree City. How the hell does that work?

Jason: I drive my golf cart up to practice.

Chris: but anyway, we’re trying to kinda go out on weekends if at all possible

Brian: but we’re not sure at this point until we write new stuff, we have 2 new songs and another one we might bring back, we just want to write and we never do it

Chris: we just want to get the stuff we have out and February 14th

Brian: One Day Savior Records is doing a love comp and we’re on it, split with Mock Orange and maybe one day a full length

HB: anything you guys want to add

Brian: thanks

Chris: J , J ,J , J , J , J ,J , J , J


Since this interview the 7" is now out and they are planning a summer tour. Visit the HG site for more info.