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Top Tens (kinda...)

Andy Bayliff (blue ash solution, life as a lie zine)

top ten of the moment (in no particular order)

1) the party of helicopters/in ano split 7"

2) braid "frame and canvas" lp

3) reversal of man "revolution summmer" 10"

4) rocket fuel online zine

5) doo wrong used carpet zine and website

6) the hit kit demo

7) nine and a half left zine

8) jenny piccolo "Information Battle to Denounce the Genocide" lp

9) glen helen state park

10) "vampire park", downtown dayton


Jason Winzenberg (Hell Yes I Cheated zine)

what's been filling my ears lately:

Jimmy Eat World--everything

Saves the Day--Can't Slow Down

Boy Sets Fire---everything

You and I---everything

Cave In--until your heart stops

Midvale--5 and 6 (tie)

Burning Airlines--Mission:Control

Jackie Chan Movies

The 3rd Degree EP


Grade--Separate the Magnets


Chris Ware (happy boy zine)



Target for Aggression

You and I "within the frame"

400 Years "Transmit Failure"

Joshua Fit For Battle demo

Frodus "Conglomerate International"

Bad Livers "Industry and Thrift"

Race Bannon "Master Control Program"

Orchid 7"

Loxiran 10"

Engine Down "Under the Pretense of Past Tense"

The Roots


"Amazing Grace" by Jonathan Kozol

HeartAttaCk #20


Slug and Lettuce #58

Andy and Jason for helping out

Chris Grady for help on the web page


Leslie Ware (happy boy zine)

reversal of man *revolution summer*

joshua fit for battle *demo tape*

engine down *under the pretense of present tense*

you and I 7"

weezer "say it aint so"

grade "tie that binds"

sunny day real estate "how it feels to be something on"

new bedford kidz

the journey is the destination (the journals of dan eldon)

peter singer's animal liberation

chips and salsa (mmm...)