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*.that.girl'* --- by synthea suicide.

how tastelessly she squirmed /// in a bucket of mud.

"i can't be like THOSE girls
those girls are looked down on".
(therefore they are dumb?)

"i can't be kool if i feel something real
i can't be real if i act like a girl
i can't be shit unless i am with it
& i can't be what i want to be unless i separate myself from them".

how tastelessly she hangs her body
like a drapery of "hey, adore me"
when it's more like "accept me"
(and that's not what i want to do to get "accepted").

and she fucking hates me cuz i have a cunt (just like her).

and since she's my sister i refuse to fucking blame her
yet these are the things that hurt womyn, that make the way womyn are equal stupid.
(and i'm not fucking stupid, nor are the girls she glares at aimlessly).

i want to open my mouth about it
but those boys will hate me for it.
"let the scene talk if it wants"
maybe some dialogue would do US good.

no one sees a thing.
the whole girls-are-dumb
i'll-rise-above-dumb-girls mentality is wrong.
(supporting this mentality supports sexism).

we are all in this together.
do not let this be ACCEPTABLE
it is not ACCEPTABLE to discard a girl because she is a girl
& then get away with being fucked up because yr friends with a girl
who's just one of the "boys"
& nothing more
(as if "boys" are more together and secure than any "girl" could ever be).

i want to have an identity of my own & not be looked down upon.

yr blindness doesn't make you right
my concern doesn't make me wrong.