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Combat Wounded Veteran - What Flavor is Your Death Squad Leader? 7" (schematic)

Holy Hell!!!!! I think there are 10 songs on this 7". Does that give you an idea about what it sounds like? Really fast, chaotic, screamy, distorted stuff. Why do I like this? Well they are amazingly tight for a band of this style. They do mix stuff up in the middle of the songs, even if the song is only a minute long. The lyrics may at first seem to be rantings from a madman but upon further inspection they make a lot of sense. They are against the saturation of our society by TV and how the media tries to homogenize us into thinking and acting as pawns to the ruling class. At least that's what I got out of it. Whatever it is, something draws me to this band. I've seen them live twice and it's a sight to behold when they start playing.