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hey man...i doubt you know me, but my name is David. you have probably seen me at shows before. anyway, i recently read happy boy and the article "thoughts on productive protest". here are my thoughts on that:

first off i want to start by saying that this letter isnt to attack you or your opinions, i just want to point out some flaws in this essay.
First of all, and most importantly, the ALF is not an organization. It is not a terrorist group. It is actually quite the opposite. The ALF is completely, 100% unorganized, and it is that way for a reason. The main goals and guidelines of the ALF are to liberate/free animals, and cause economic loss to the companies that profit from animal exploitation. Causing economic loss can range anywhere from breaking windows and glueing locks to blowing up vivisection laboratories. The only rule the ALF has is that no animals, human or non-human can be harmed during an ALF action. So when you say that the ALF would not want people to go out there and ruin their name, you are mistaken because that is exactly what they are all about. Now, there are no leaders, or any organization to the ALF. People either act on their own or in small "cells" of 2+ people. There is no communication between members of the ALF. To put it simply, when someone purposely causes economic damage to a company that profits off animal exploitation or liberates animals and does not cause harm to any human/animal then they have become a member of the ALF. There are however, many ALF support groups throughout the country/world, who give support for ALF activists who have been caught, and they also act as a link between ALF cells and the media. When a cell does an action, they usually give an anonymous letter to an ALF support group.


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