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Amalgamation/Left In Ruins - split 12" (rice control)

Amalgamation grew a lot after this release but since I got it recently I figured I'd review it anyway. Amalgamation was a screamo band in the traditional sense. They basically played a quiet intro and then made it heavier and just went off! They have two vocalists which adds to the insanity. Plus one sometimes does the low growl death metal voice. Unfortunately the recording isn't all that good so I think the dynamics of the music cannot be fully experienced. You can see shades of really doing something differently here and there when they throw in odd timings and jazz like riffs. You have to like the DIY ethic of the band though. They put out a hand made little booklet to go with the album. Sort of like a zine to explain the album. Good stuff. Left in Ruins plays a more danceable style of hardcore. The lyrics are more of a personal strife sort. Each song has a lengthy explanation with it in a booklet that they made to go with the album. The music is more of a standard hardcore style. Very moshable but without being overused. I like this a lot. If you're looking for something to dance around the room with and mosh it up then get this. Then you have the Amalgamation side to just spazz out with. All in all a very good split release.