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Ashen/Flux Capacitor - split 12" (self released)

(from stickfigure distro) "Two local atlanta bands produce a beautiful 12"! Each band have two songs on their side. Ashen's sound is reminiscent of such mid nineties bands as Beta Minus Mechanic, Ashes, Samuel and Endive mixed with the current late nineties indie rock sound of such bands as Elliot, Jimmy Eat World, No Knife, the Jazz June and more. Flux Capacitor are straightforward indie rock with keyboards, and have been compared to such bands as Weezer."
I would have to add that Flux also sounds a bit like Hum but has the catchiness of Weezer. I'm not a fan of pop but I find that I always like Flux. Ashen's sound was described perfectly. They are just really really solid indie/emo-core with female vocals. Both of these bands got together and released this album themselves. Get it and notice how dedicated they must be to do such great packaging on a split 12". It plays on 45rpm so it's only 2 songs a piece. That's more a dissappointment than a drawback because I want more.