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Bread and Circuits - s/t 12" (ebullition)

All of the hardcore stuff like this that comes out of California has more of a punk feel to it. I like this style, instead of using the palm muted guitar stuff all the time it leans away from the metal and is not afraid to use a trebly guitar sound. I suppose it feels more like early DC but it's just not the same. The music is relentless. Each side starts with a small soundclip and then it doesn't let up until the needle runs out of room. The vocals are strained and sometimes dual which compliments the constant intensity of the music. This is definitely one of those bands that puts out really good music but the message and words shadow it all. It comes with a 4 color booklet that is nice and big. (Don't you love when you get cool stuff with the record.) The booklet is super cool, containing the lyrics and some quotes that relate to the music. Most of the quotes are political in nature either adding inspiration or exposing the cruelty of national governments. Bands with a conscience are few and far between especially when the music rocks such as this. Ebullition somehow constantly puts out stuff like this. This is yet another band that you also have to see live.