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Kill the Man Who Questions - Sugar Industry (coalition)

If you're really into music every now and then you run across stuff that just changes everything. I'll admit upfront that I'm not a big punk rock fan. At least not the mainstream term as it refers to three chord songs always played fast without any change in intensity or dynamics. But this CD here has made me notice that there is really good punk rock still out there and it can still set new boundaries both through the music and the message. KTMWQ plays very politically based punk but they have a few hardcore influences such as a few chugga breakdowns and sing alongs. Yes it's fast and unrelenting almost through the entire album but it's not at all boring or repetetive. The messages on this album are some of the best I've ever heard too. They cover alot of topics including: how anti-abortion activists suddenly don't care about the well being of the baby once the cord is cut, how the hardcore scene is increasingly becoming commercialized, hunger and poverty in America, girl pride in hardcore, plus all kinds of interesting topics that should be on the minds of anybody that calls themselves punk/hardcore, diy, etc... This band definitely has it's act together and cares more about the world than the scene. Recommended a million times over.
"unhappiness is not acceptable or normal" - senior portrait KTMWQ