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Let Sleepers Lie - red disguises CD (a break even temper)

Let Sleepers Lie is definitely in the ever exploding category of emo-core. They use a lot of the same techniques that the Get Up Kids and Sunny Day Real Estate have to become really popular. But LSL doesn't have near the amount of pop appeal both of the aforementioned bands have. Instead LSL rely more on creativity and skill to make an album that is very interesting. Instead of sing alongs and catchy refrains LSL use more instrumental tricks to engross the listener. They are one of the few emo-core bands not afraid to use dischordant chords. (if that isn't an oxymoron) They change up rythyms and time patterns regularly but can also use the same patterns for an entire song only changing the intensity and instrumentation. The vocals are not as pretty as most emo-core bands either . They are more yelled as if the singer was struggling to reach every note but he does get there. For me it just makes it more intense. The album definitely rocks don't get me wrong there. But it takes the emo-core sound further in a new direction where it may not receive as much popular appeal.