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portrait - s/t 10" (sanguine records)

If you're not from Atlanta or have not seen this band on tour, you're totally missing out. You should run out somewhere and get this 10" or the CD (which includes 10", 7", and one other song)and read the review later. Portrait has perfected the formula for screamo with a metal twist. It has a Converge sound but they are much crazier staying away from a lot of chugga parts. They even have a viola which makes the softer parts that much more pretty. Every song has an array of sounds and parts. Quiet parts are always combatted by pure unadulterated craziness. The craziness can then be followed immediately by a more instrumental, beautiful part. The songs tend to be long because of these transitions but they never lose my interest. The live show is super intense. They only play 4 songs every show, I think it's because after four songs they've expended more energy than most bands do in on an entire tour. Good good stuff. Representin the ATL! Hotlanta style.