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At the Price of the Union/Some Soviet Station - split 7" (buddy system/incidental sound)

Both of these bands draw on the DC sound to formulate their own rock. One of the reasons it's a superb split is because of the cohesiveness of the sound. The bands sound similar but not the same. At the Price of the Union have been compared to Hoover meeting Fugazi. The bass and drums are super tight which definitely reminds me of Hoover. But the guitar work is more similar to Hal Al Shedad. They definitely do the rock that you can shake to. The last time I saw them they played this song and then seemed to improvise for 15 minutes. It was amazing!
Some Soviet Station definitely pull off the DC rock thing well also. I've heard them compared to Swiz. I haven't heard enough Swiz to make any comparisons. They are super super tight. The dual guitars work well off of each other. They don't necessarily always play the same things but they compliment each other and make a fuller sound. The drumming and bass playing are superb also, laying a foundation for the two guitarists to just go off on tangents. The singing reminds me of a Fugazi feel for some reason. The lyrics are yelled but not like a scream. Overall a great split 7" of two Atlanta area bands.