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Yaphet Kotto - the killer was in the government blankets 12" (ebullition)

After you start doing reviews you realize that everything is not easily put into a category. Just look at the label and you can immediately classify this as good. I can't think of an album that Ebullition has put out that sucked. Plus all their bands seem to be some of the most passionate people I've seen play. Yaphet Kotto handed out lyric sheets before they played and to me that is the sign of a band that means more than just good music. The sound is not unlike 400 Years and bands of that nature. It's strained screams and music that is just begging to be let go. The intensity is just so high you swear something's going to explode. The vocals are a mixture of screams, strained yells, and a little singing also. I believe the song "B and C" serves sort of as a purpose statement for the band when it says "this means so much more to me, this is my freedom, this is my voice, and you can't take this from me,this burns in my heart you can't take it with you." This album is only available on record so tape it or you'll wear it out. Trust me, mine spins non-stop.