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I need to touch on some policies and new developments: First of all I have gotten a web page up at I know that's a lot to remember but it's free so that's where it's going to be for now. Let me know what you think of it. I think it's a good way to get circulation to a wider audience. I will still do the print version for those that don't have computer access. For the most part the content will be the same. The graphics and such will be the only difference.

I always accept submissions. I'm looking for anything creative. Essays, rants, poetry, etc..... are all welcome. I will not print any racist, sexist, or homophobic material period. Other than that most everything is welcome and will gladly be printed.

All of the reviews were done me. My sister or I own all the albums that were reviewed in this section. So if anyone out there would like to submit anything for review please do so. All formats are welcome, including demos. It's very expensive trying to do all of these by myself. I know sending out free stuff gets expensive, so get in touch and we can work something out. ie. tape trading, etc... Also I will trade ad space for things to review. Which brings us to...

This zine is a 1/2 size format. Meaning it is essentially a piece of paper folded length ways in half. I am accepting ads merely to help support the zine. I don't like the idea of ads anymore than the next guy but it must be done or the zine will go under. I would rather flip through and skip over some ads than have to pay for a zine. I am trying to keep the zine free so circulation can be as much as possible. Therefore full page ads will be $5. Half page ads $2.50. Remember that it's already folded in half. So don't send me a piece of paper and expect me to make a 2 page spread for your ad. Non-profit, grass roots organizations for social and political change receive free ad space. I must have sufficient documentation of your organization's efforts so I can approve or disapprove.

Hopefully these changes will help the zine to grow and keep the cost down. Any and all suggestions, comments, etc. are welcome.

Chris Ware

499 Northside Cir. Apt. 403

Atlanta, GA 30309

AOL IM: sighnusrva

Contact for pics:

Leslie Ware

10085 Lakeview Pkwy.

Villa Rica, GA 30180

AOL IM: shynsobryt