Ashen : melodic, indie, emo-core from Atlanta. Really solid band that everybody will know about next year

Blame Game : I'm in it so I don't feel right saying anything. Please just check it out and write us.

Blue Ash Solution : Sound like Braid and Cap'n Jazz got into a fight

Botch : the future of metal. Super technical yet crazy and moshable.

Braid (RIP)


Burning Airlines : if we can't have jawbox back we'll take half of the band and some new rockin stuff in the same vein

Cave In : along with Botch these guys are bringing back metal and technical ability to hardcore

Converge : Metal-core! If you haven't heard of them check this out. But everybody has heard of these legends.

the Day is Done (RIP) : it's heavy with growling brutal vocals and they really have something to say, some may say grind

Drive Like Jehu : personally one of my favorites of all time

Eclipse of Eden

Flashbulb Memory : ex-Target for Aggression, haven't heard the music yet, but the band is comprised of nice guys

Flux Capacitor : indie/emo with more pop for your buck. Like Hum with the catchiness of Weezer. Keyboards included, batteries are not.

Force Fed Glass (RIP) : fast, fast, fast and heavy, craziness from Richmond/Mass.

Forstella Ford

Frodus : spazzy emo from DC

Grade : they signed to Victory recently and I can't say that I agree with that so I'm confused. melodic to almost screamo but somehow it works really well

Grindercize : Two person grind from StL. I know half the band and he made this sick and twisted web site. Tuuuube Top!!!

Guyana Punchline

Hankshaw : melodic emo-core from Florida

Hot Water Music : the epitomy of emo-core, these guys have a deserved huge following now

Hunter-Gatherer : rock ala GA, HWM influences but they are a little crazier

In Loving Memory

Jejune : masterful rock group that make the modern day rock symphonies, from soft and quiet to a huge sound without being crazy

Jeromes Dream

Joshua Fit For Battle : screamo from Delaware, soft and pretty to over the top craziness, lyrics that make you cry and scream

Kill the Man that Questions : political, hardcore/punk, this band actually believes in DIY and more than just the music

Let Sleepers Lie : Rockin emo-core from StL. Bringing life back into a form of music that has become very generic. These guys just plain rock.

Love Lost But Not Forgotten : if Reversal of Man listened to more metal then they would sound like this, freakin crazy


Neil Perry : bringin back angels and the color black to screamo, page isn't much yet

One Step Closer



Primus : I'm a bass player so this link is required. If you've never heard them it's quirky funky stuff with incredible talent and horrible management that has led them to playing ozzfest and assorted other crappy metal fests

Process is Dead

Reversal of Man : it's crazy, it's usually fast but it's all heartfelt

Saetia (RIP) : screamo with definite jazz influences in song structure


Sonic Youth : come on you used to listen to them. I'm the only one that admits to still loving these purveyors of no wave and noise. Legends and rightly so.

Spirit of Versailles : Crazy, screamy, heavy, fast, good, and very young. You have to check these guys out.

The State Secedes

Target For Aggression (RIP) : screamo, hardcore, punk, these guys fit all those descriptions and make it work beautifully

Tintoretto (RIP) : See this band live! Crazy, tight, indie, emo, to raging screamo. Immense talent and songwriting skills.

To Dream of Autumn

Tri State Killing Spree : Evan from FFG's new band from Richmond, VA

Mike Watt : another bass player link, he's grandpa punk, you gotta love that. he's been punk longer than most of us have been alive

Victor Wooten : hands down the best electric bass player around right now, see him live with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones and drool like I do

You and I (RIP) : in my opinion some of the most heartfelt and sincere music ever, screamo with metal tendencies


Personal Pages
Leslie Ware : band photos gallore
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i could have been your angel : personal page by Rebecca, journal updated fairly often
greysweater online : poems and thoughts by nadia
Sunni's page : all kinds of good writings

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DeSoto Records : Former home of Jawbox, now home to Burning Airlines, Faraquet, etc...
Dischord Records : everybody knows them, but did you know they're still putting out really good music
Ebullition : great label/distro from CA, makers of heartattack zine too
Electric Human Projec : young label/distro from Delaware but has already released Joshua Fit For Battle and is going to do a Swarm/ForceFedGlass split
Hand Held Heart
HydraHead Records : the future of metal label; Botch, etc...
Initial Records : You can find most everything here but it's cheaper somewhere else. Ink and Dagger, Metroschifter, etc...
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RiceControl : Forbe's label, not only does he rule beyond all belief, he's put out stuff by Amalgamation and Jerome's Dream
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Slug Disco Distro : this distro is starting back up, give Kevin some help and buy some books, READ
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