02/08/00: Yeah right. Like I'm ever going to find the time to actually do what I said I was going to do. So it hasn't worked out yet. But I am constantly (slowly) working on the links section. Its still ugly as hell but one day maybe it'll be nice...maybe. In the meantime I've been spending most of my time practicing with

10/25/99: Okay the master plan has come down like this. I don't believe that my page contributes enough to the world to bother going on with it. Number one is a factor of time. (big surprise huh) I find myself on the computer less and less as my social activism and social life take up more and more time. Number two reason is that very few people look at the page. Why put it up when the info is not really getting out. A different strategy to get the info out would take up waaaaaay too much time and effort. I believe I will keep up my writings and add any if appropriate. Also I will keep up the links because I believe the internet is not horribly bad and there is some really good info out there for anybody that cares. Hopefully I will scan in some stuff and add banners to a page for upcoming events such as protests in Atlanta or shows. The reviews will go and everything else will slow way down. If anybody reads this: thank you for making it worth my time. I believe if one person visited the site and looked around it was worth it to me. That was the intention and it was successful in that regard. These changes may occur rapidly or slowly but either way it will get done.

8/26/99: Okay for anybody out there that actually looks at this page I need suggestions. Should I put up a tape trading page and list all of my stuff? Should I add contact info for the label on the individual review pages? Should I review more than one album a day (one cd and one vinyl a day)? Should I link Atlanta stuff differently to support the local scene and should I have a page to list upcoming Atlanta events (not shows but radio appearances, punk rock hangout night, potlucks, etc...)? Please help me out on this I'm trying to do this the way you want it so if you're the only one to answer the webpage could be totally tailored to you?

8/24/99: Now that everything seems to be in full swing,(school included) I'll try to get up a review a day until I run out of stuff. That's the new goal. If I screw up then let me know. Also check out the ranting section. And yes I know this page looks like crap but deal with it.

8/13/99: Finally the intro page is changed and everything is starting to take shape for issue #3. The reviews page has new stuff and will be updated frequently at least until I run out of new stuff. Not everything works yet or is formatted exactly right but I leave tomorrow for 4 days and wanted to get it up. Flight leaves early and it's 12:15am. I haven't packed. Good night kids.

7/03/99: I changed the intro page graphic. It's gonna be a lot different but I wanted to get this up so the name change is offical. Check out the new thoughts page.

6/26/99: I added an essay/poem about women and a letter about the productive protest article. As always I'm adding to the links and a new review should be up later.

6/23/99: I finally got up a new review!! The new Locust cd is reviewed as of....NOW! Hopefully I can put up a new one every other night for at least a week. If not harrass me about it.

6/19/99: Well C-12 and C-11 are no more as far as show spaces. Therefore there is a great need for an all ages show space in Atlanta now. Especially since there are shows booked at C-12 that need to be moved. A few people and I are trying to get together some resources and rent out a space that could serve as a long term space for shows and possibly practice space as well. A space has not been found yet so if you have any leads please let us know. We'd like to develop a co-op of kids so rent per person would be super cheap and the place could be run democratically. The place would be all ages and we want all kinds of people pretty much as long as you believe in DIY then we're interested. Basically we need help so if anybody can help either financially or just by volunteering please e-mail me.

6/16/99: Okay Prank Fest was this weekend at C-11 in Atlanta. This is all rumor right now but what seemed to be a big success may be a tragedy for the Atlanta DIY scene. Since Under the Couch has essentially stopped having shows, Sprockets and C-12 have been the only two show spaces left for DIY all ages shows. A lot of kids came to Prank Fest and drank heavily the entire time, other kids just came to screw stuff up, and a few actually came for the music and community. Since so much stuff was broken or trashed the owner of the complex C-11 and C-12 are in has banned all shows. Now there are shows still planned and I'm not sure what's happening to them. I'll let you know when all of this is no longer rumor. There has been some (only a little) talk of Atlanta kids banning together and renting a place where we could have shows. We'll see but if you're interested e-mail me.

6/06/99: Who here is a liar?! (i quietly raise my hand) Things have been busy here and then when I decide to update my page tripod won't let me. So now there is a little update. Basically I changed around the links page and it's nicer now. If you have any links you think are appropriate or you've linked me just e-mail me. I promise soon will be the new reviews. bye

5/12/99: Okay finals are over and updates are coming soon. This weekend happy boy will be at the Spread the Disease show in Philly and then at Media Fest in Delaware. We will be travelling with stickfigure distro so look for us with them or at the fest with Love Lost But Not Forgotten. Reviews coming soon: Dawnbreed "aroma", Left in Ruins / Amalgamation split 12", Reversal of Man "Revolution Summer", Jucifer "calling all cars on the vegas strip", and Love Lost but Not Forgotten cd. If you have anything that you would like reviewed please mail it to us.

4/28/99: The hard copy of issue #2 is out now! Contact me anyway you can if you want one. They're free!!


4/23/99: Just added Loxiran and Black Star reviews. Also check soon for a page probably linked from here that will just be semi-weekly rants by me.


4/22/99: The print version of issue #2 is out now!! Well sort of. Fifty copies were made and quickly distributed at the Atomic Playboy, Anomaly Child, Jucifer show in Carrollton, GA. This is good and bad. I only made 50 copies so more are being made now. The good news is that they're out there finally. The rest should be made by Friday and distributed starting Saturday at the Flux Capacitor / Eiffel Tower High Show at Under the Couch in Atl. If you live out of town just mail me your address and I'll send you one. Also they will be available at Media Fest in Delaware at the Love Lost But Not Forgotten table. Big hugs and thanks to Leslie for pretty much doing all the layout in the print version and Mikey for helping me make copies. Keep checking for more updates, school's almost out!!


4/21/99: I just wanted to say sorry to all the Carrollton kids who got the zine. There's one page that wasn't done right. That's what we get for copying it 23 mins after the copy place closes and then assembling it all at the show. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by Atomic Playboy though. Kinda a Polvo meets Fugazi and Sonic Youth sound but the singer yells more. If a few more kids in Carrollton get into DIY the scene could do really well. Small towns are that way though. Everybody showed up to the show it wasn't all separated like in Atlanta. A nice change of pace.